Future Internet

1.Course Description

The Internet has been initially used for information exchange and browsing. Currently, the Internet is being used for much more things (e.g., entertainment, politics, banking, shopping and trading) and one cannot live without it these days. However, the Internet has many problems with important issues such as quality of service and security. Recently, researchers have been working on redesigning the Internet, which is now being referred to as the Future Internet. There are mainly two approaches: evolutionary and revolutionary (or clean slate). In this course, we review the current Internet and investigate its problems. We will also examine the two approaches for designing the Future Internet. And we will focus on the manageability aspect of the Future Internet. We will then discuss and come up with possible areas or methods for overcoming the existing problems for the Future Internet. So, this class will be discussed principles and technologies arising from the need to spread the research areas of Future Internet.

2.Required Texts

Lecture Notes

3.Course Evaluation 
- Mid-term Exam : 30%
- Final-term Exam : 30%
- Presentation : 10%
- Project : 20%
- Presence : 10%
The above scheme could be changed during the course.
1st Week   Introduction to course and issues of Future Internet
2nd Week    What is Future Internet? (Prof. Choong Seon Hong, presentation)
   Contemplating a future Internet? (Prof. DavidD. Clark, presentation, video)
3rd Week    Thinking of Architure of Future Internet (Prof. Choong Seon Hong, presentation)
   Emerging Wireless Technologies and the Future Internet (Prof. Dipankar Raychaudhuri, presentation, video)
4th Week    Student Proposals
   - Problems in Current Internet (Muhammad Shoaib Siddiqui, presentation)
   - Mobility with Location Finding Facility (Al-Sakib Khan Pathan, presentation)
   - Seamless Handover in Proxy MIPv6 with AAA Server (Seok Hyun Hwang, presentation)
   - Secure & Asymmetric Approach for Designing FUTURE INTERNET (Md. Obaidur Rahman, presentation)
   - Mobility Support in Future Internet (Jin Ho Kim, presentation)
   - Suggestion for Future Internet (Tran Hoang Nguyen, presentation)
   - Future Internet & Problem of Current Internet (Kwang Hyun Lee, presentation)
   - Security Issue - BotNet : Detect and Defand BotNet (Eung Jun Cho, presentation)
   - Supporting Seamless Connection in Heterogeneous Networks (Rim Haw, presentation)
   - Providing QoS for New Services (Muhammad Mostafa Monowar, presentation)
   - Problems of Current Internet (Md. Shariful Islam, presentation)
   - Receiver Control : the missing feature in the current Internet (Tran Nhat Huy, presentation)
   - Future Internet Course(Draft proposal) (Cao Trong Hieu, presentation)
   - The Next Generation of IP -Flow Routing (Nguyen D. Than, presentation)
   - Future Internet-Based Interactive Applications of Medical Imaging (A. B. M. Aowlad Hossain, presentation)

5th Week    GENI Ecosystem: From Instrument to Architecture (Prof. Larry Peterson, presentation, video)

   Student Proposals
   - Wireless Network Security in Future Internet (Husne Ara Rubaiyeat, presentation)
   - Low cost GPS system for mobile phones (Le Viet Duc, presentation)
   - Isolation of data, control and management plane in Future Internet (Farhana Huq, presentation)
   - Current Internet Problems and Future Directions (Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, presentation)
   - Future Sensor Networks (Yongkoo Han, presentation)
   - Energy Efficient Internet (Pham Dung The, presentation)
6th Week    Access Network Technologies for Future Internet (Prof. Deokjai Choi, presentation)

   Student Proposals
   - Dynamically Select Network Structure in Future Internet (Song Biao, presentation)
   - Problem of current Internet (Han Seungmin, presentation)
   - Design & development of impairment-aware routing and wavelength assignment algorithms for Future Internet (Mohammad Shoyaib, presentation)
   - Future Internet Addressing (Zia Uddin, presentation)
   - Security Market for Future Internet (Tian Yuan, presentation)
7th Week   Routing in Future Internet (Prof. Deokjai Choi, presentation)

   Student Proposals
   - Grid-based Future Internet with Wireless sensor network (Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, presentation)
   - Cross Layer Design for Wireless Mobile Network (Hye-Won Cho, presentation)
   - Virtual Storage in Future Internet (Ding Jinghua, presentation)
   - Grid-based Sensor Network Service on Future Internet (Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, presentation)
   - Security in H.264 (Tran Nhat Huy, presentation)
   - Distributed voting application for handheld devices (Pham Dung The, presentation)

  Mid Term Exam Candidates
8th Week   Mid Term Exam
9th Week    The Role of IP Addresses in the Internet Architecture (Prof. Lexia Zhang, presentation)

   Student Proposals
   - Future Internet : Sensor Networks Security (Yong Koo Han, presentation)
   - Direct access mechanism for Wireless PAN (Manhyung Han, presentation)
   - SNMP over IPv6 (Sunmin Hwang, presentation)
   - Networked Intelligent Robots Through the Internet: Issues and Opportunities (Husne Ara Rubaiyeat, presentation)
   - Virtual Storage in Future Internet (Ding Jinghua, presentation)
   - Energy Efficient Communications (Zaw Htike, presentation)
10th Week    Designing A New Routing and Addressing Architecture for Future Internet(Prof. Lexia Zhang, presentation, video)
11th Week    Naming and Addressing (Prof. Koji Okamura)

   Research in Mobile Wireless Networks(Prof. Mario Gerla, presentation, video)
12th Week    Manageability in Future Internet (Prof. Choong Seon Hong, presentation)
13th Week    Security, Dependability and Trust in the Future Internet (by Dr. Artur Hecker, presentation, video)
14th Week    Mobility and Future Internet (Prof. Choong Seon Hong, presentation)
15th Week    Security Issues in Future Internet (by Dr. Seung-Woo Seo, presentation, video)

   Future Internet Standization (by Dr. Eun Kyoung Paik, presentation, video)
16th Week    Services and Applications in Future Intenet(Prof. DJ Choi, presentation)
17th Week    Japanese Advanced Internet for Research and Education(SINET3, JGN2 Plus, NWGN, etc.) by Prof. Koji Okamura, presentation

   Final term Exam Candidates
18th Week    Final-Term Exam