M2M IoT Network Management
▶ Introduction

M2M (Machine to Machine) stands for the automatic communication between intelligent devices, without or with the least human involvement. With the penetration of Internet-enabled smart-devices and ubiquitous sensor network, IoT (Internet of things) has become the inseparable part of life. Our management approach for ‘M2M IoT networks and services’ is autonomous, that enables networked-systems to reason, infer, learn and decide actions by observing monitoring information of M2M Networks.

Fig. 1: Autonomic Management Software for M2M IoT Networks and Services

▶ Research Issues

  1. Learning-based Autonomic Management for M2M Network.
  2. Self-management technology for M2M Network Management.
  3. Autonomic Management of Agent and Manager for Scalable M2M Network Management.

▶ References

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▶ Achievements

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▶ Software

  1. pbnm-m2m (A Policy-based Network Management Framework for Machine to Machine Networks in E-Health Services)
  2. pbanm-m2m (A Policy-based Autonomic Network Management Framework for Machine to Machine Networks in E-Health Services)
  3. mban-ch-ql(A Q-learning-based Autonomic Controller for Channel Hopping using MBAN(Medical Body Area NetworkStandard)